Arriving in Japan was a dream come true. The excitement was built up when we purchased cheap flight tickets (c/o of Hong Kong Express - booking a year in advance!) and an AirBnB suite that was in the center of it all - Shibuya. As planning started a year before going on this trip (this past month), I didn't do much of the planning until the summer since I had other trips to plan this past year (ex. Thailand, Shanghai, weekend trips to Macau, Guangzhou... etc.). I left my friend, E, quite frustrated as I wasn't very responsive in planning the trip. The time difference also didn't help!

When E and I finally met up to discuss this trip, we were only one week away from flying there! I was quite anxious as we didn't have any solid plans. (Note to future travellers: You actually don't really need plans in Tokyo - just explore, see the tourist destinations and get lost in the city!)

We stayed in Tokyo for 5 days, so if you're reading this and staying for longer or less, you can add or take out more of the tourist attractions!

Here are some of the things that we did:
1. Meiji Shrine

2. Sensoji Temple

3. Harajuku
[Unique shopping area for trinkets and see Japanese girls in extravagant outfits (reference to the Harajuku girls in Gwen Stefani's music videos)]

4. Shibuya
(Shopping, eating, transit central - Best area to explore and walk around if you have extra time to kill - food places are everywhere, coffee shops, brand name stores, small boutique stores... etc.) 

xx. to be continued. 

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