MAY 2014

MAY 16TH 2014
- I love being home with a cup of milk tea and a warm blanket
- I love wearing sweats; I have on right now, the most comfiest oversized sweater and stretchiest pants
- I love dancing like a crazy person and singing at the top of my lungs - off-key and all (though, in the comfort of my own house!) to the top 40s -- right now, JRDN's "Love Ain't Enough" is on repeat (give it a listen: YOUTUBE)
- I am thankful for the internet and for amazing blogs with amazing photography (these people are just soooo talented - SHINI PARKNAMAIMEERACHEL NGUYENLILYANNE, the team behind INTO THE GLOSS, the team behind THE COVETEUR, ... etc.)

- I am inspired by people's amazing fashion expression and style (see above links)
- I am thankful that I am able to apply to jobs in out-of-country places with a single email
- I am thankful for my sister, who I have an amazing relationship with even though we have a huge age difference
- I am thankful to my mom and her strong faith and trust in the Lord; she really inspires me to be dependent on God and let God plan my life for me
- I am inspired by this:

MAY 17TH 2014
- I love free blogger templates (thank you: NEW BLOGGER THEMES) -- my blog is finally the way I want it to be, both clean and simple
- I am thankful for Victoria Day weekend because I am able to spend quality time with my sister in the city

MAY 18TH 2014 
- I am thankful for church and lazy Sundays 
- I am thankful for good reminders (Ephesians 2:11-22) 

MAY 19TH 2014
- I am thankful for my wonderful cousin who wants to spend time with my sister and I 
- I am thankful for the extra day of holiday (VICTORIA DAY WOOT) so that I can spend more time with my family 
- I am thankful for my entire family who is wonderful, loves to hangout with one another and be a part of each others' lives (lunches, meaningful conversations) 

MAY 20TH 2014 
- I am thankful for job opportunities in the city
- I am thankful and happy that I have clothes that show my personality but is still work-appropriate (ex. interviews)

MAY 21ST 2014 
There's finally something going INTO my bank account and not OUT of it... FINALLY. THANK YOU THANK YOU!!
- I am thankful and happy for sleep and a comfy bed; I take it for granted a lot of the times but today's nap was amazing
- I am thankful for my parents who are able to afford the renewal of my night contacts every year; I again, take them (and the contact lenses!) for granted and forget my dependency on them
- I love spending time with my sister and teaching her (even though I get frustrated a lot); we have a lot of fun and I love bonding with her 

MAY 22ND 2014
- work training was pretty good, my manager seem very chill so I'm happy about that (still lots to prepare for tomorrow's first work day!!)
- dinner with shells was great, it was nice to wind down with a good friend 
- teaching the sis on how to study was oh-so-fun, sometimes it's my favourite part of the day to shout random facts out loud and dance to difficult things that can't be memorized 

MAY 23RD 2014
- it is always great and wonderful to see shells and eat at a cool new place (even though we didn't get dessert because we stuffed ourselves silly, it was a fun get-together like always!)

- I love praying and praying with my sister. I hope she learns how to talk to the Lord and grow an intimate relationship with Him and learn to love Him more and more everyday. There is no one else who loves her more than God.
- I am thankful for my sister who prays for me when I am anxious, stressed out and have no one else to talk to. She is my rock, in many ways, and I don't know how I would live without her.
- I enjoyed a wonderful day off, where I got caught up with homework, some important emails, watched some tv and did more research in preparing for work (since it's my evaluation period and I am scared!!! GAH!!!) 
- THANKFULLY.... I DON'T HAVE WORK TOMORROW!!! I don't think I was prepared for work and I got more and more stressed out because of it... So now, I have more time to prepare for it WHEW! 

MAY 24TH - 31ST 2014
- On the same note, I have been working now-stop for the past week and then going to school the other days. I praise God for amazing opportunities that are coming my way (with this job and doing well in school) .... and being asked to do another job! I hope it works out.... But if it doesn't, that means it wasn't in God's plan! And that's okay! 
- I am thankful for today (May 31st) to have met up with my good friend and chitchatted for hours about life. She has taught me a lot and made me value friendships really deeply. We have both grown up so much through our conversations with each other and have pushed each other to better ourselves and make a difference in this world. I don't know what to do without her and I hope that one day, she will come to Christ and love Him as much as I do. 
- I am excited to see another dear friend of mine tomorrow! She is awesome and I am excited to see how she is and catch up with her!
- I am thankful for the cash flow that is coming in; I need to save it up for a plane ticket to my new job and I am excited for the amazing opportunities abroad! 
- I pray that I can help out my dear friend with her financial situation because she is in a tight spot and her finances are so tight. I pray that God will watch over her and that in whatever way I can, I can help her. 
- I am excited that another good friend of mine is going on missions to Mexico. I am proud of the opportunity and risk she is taking for her to do God's calling (even as a short term missions). I love her so much and I love that she takes time out of her day (on Tuesday) for me! 
- I appreciate what my mother does so much more since I have started my job. She works so hard to make sales and I don't know how she has done it for so many years. There have been times during the day where I just want to quit, and I see my mother for what a strong woman she is. I love her so much more and I couldn't have asked for a better mother. She wakes up, takes care of my sister and I, makes us food for the day, and gets herself ready and her food ready before work. Every morning. She is incredible. I wish I could take some of her strength and love and give it to other people. It is unbelievable. 
- I am thankful for a working car because I am able to meet up with my dear friends because of a mode of transportation. Even though it is old, I am thankful it still works and that it has helped me keep in touch with my friends.
- I am lucky to have the friends that I have who are motivated in changing the world and wanting to better themselves and make the world a better place. I don't know how I would live with myself if I was always discouraged by other people's drive for money and success because it hurts to know that there is so much more to this life than those worldly things. 

- This week, I don't know where life is going to take me but I know it's going to be an awesome journey, difficult, hard, challenging, stressful, but fun and molding!

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