JUNE 2014

JUNE 1ST - 16TH 2014 
- Even though I got the job, I recently quit because the stress (of selling and the instability of the job) which made me really anxious (and made my stomach turn every time I needed to go to work) and so, now, I AM FREEEEEEEEEEEE! 
- I think God intended for it to happen because I have a school exam coming up, driving test and my cousin's grandmother passed away in that week that I quit my job

- But while I was working at the job, I saw God's sovereign power throughout my job performance because like I said before, everyday is a new day, and my job was on the line everyday if I didn't make my numbers for that day. But, when I didn't make my numbers (I got $0 for 4 days!), I knew God is still good and He is amazing and that my successes aren't my identity. My identity is in Christ and I know I can count on Him for help in living in this world until the day I finally get to see Him. It was a tough lesson to learn but through my failures, I grew closer to the Lord. And I am thankful for that :)
- I am thankful for my family who can support me in this stressful, uncertain time in my life. As I am trying to map out the rest of my life, I leave it up to God and my family has been there for me every step of the way!
- JUNE 16TH: I made a new blog post today! I am so proud of myself because my thoughts are usually everywhere and they never end... So, yeah for today! 

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